Current Courses

Fall 2017

SCAND 1: Elementary Swedish
Instructor: Johanna Karlsson

Discussion, four hours. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 11: Elementary Norwegian
Instructor: Aino Rinhaug

Units: 4
Discussion, four hours. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 141C: Short Story in Scandinavia
Instructor: Patrick Wen

Seminar, three hours. Exploration of range of classic short story and novella texts from Scandinavian literary canon, with stories by authors such as Hans Christian Andersen, Jens Peter Jacobsen, Alexander Kielland, Amalie Skram, Sigbjørn Obstfelder, Knut Hamsun, Isak Dinesen, and Rubén Palma. Examination of author’s lives and oeuvres, larger Nordic/European literary movements of 19th and 20th centuries, and tropes and conventions of short stories themselves. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 143C: Scandinavian Crime Literature
Instructor: Patrick Wen

Seminar, three hours. Introduction to background of crime fiction and its relation to Scandinavia. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 161: Introduction to Nordic Cinema
Instructor: Arne Lunde

Seminar, three hours. Designed for students in general and for those preparing for more advanced studies in Scandinavian literature and culture. Viewing and discussion of films by Ingmar Bergman and other Scandinavians. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 165B: Viking on Film
Instructor: Kimberly Ball

Lecture, three hours. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 19: Murder on Bridge: Danish-American Television, Translation, and Crime
Instructor: Timothy R. Tangherlini

Seminar, one hour. Discussion of and critical thinking about topics of current intellectual importance, taught by faculty members in their areas of expertise and illuminating many paths of discovery at UCLA. P/NP grading. In 2011, collaborative endeavor between Danish production company Nimbus and Swedish television corporation SVT resulted in remarkably popular television series, Broen (The Bridge). Police-procedural series explored, in context of Nordic noir, profound cultural differences in conception of crime and punishment across Danish-Swedish divide; and what is meant as border in increasingly borderless reality of contemporary Scandinavia and Europe. Inspired by success of remaking Danish series Forbrydelsen (The Killing), American television company FX remade series as The Bridge. Now set on border between U.S. and Mexico, series explores more fraught, linguistically more divisive border than that between Denmark and Sweden. Students view first season of both series and engage series of directed questions: What is meant by border, how borders are constructed, what conceptions of crime and punishment are, and how these are translated. Class meets October 4, 18, November 1, 15, and 29 in 1265 Bunche Hall.

SCAND 50: Introduction to Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures
Instructor: Patrick Wen

Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Not open for credit to students with credit for course 50W. Designed for students in general and for those wishing to prepare for more advanced and specialized studies in Scandinavian literature and culture. Selected works from literatures of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland, ranging from myth, national epic, saga, and folktale through modern novel, poem, play, short story, and film, read in English and critically discussed. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 60W: Introduction to North Cinema
Instructor: Arne Lunde

Lecture, two hours; discussion, two hours. Enforced requisite: English Composition 3 or English as a Second Language 36. Not open for credit to students with credit for course 60. Introduction to cinematic traditions of Nordic countries, with emphasis on construction of other or outsider as conceptual category. Survey of wide range of films to interrogate relationship between various forms of minority discourse and dominant values, institutions, and mechanisms and instruments of social control. Investigation of how these cinematic narratives of dominant normativity and diversity reflect cultural anxieties surrounding identity, ideology, collective memory, and power relationships. Screenings supplemented with relevant theoretical texts to give tools necessary to more effectively contextualize and analyze images. Satisfies Writing II requirement. Letter grading.

SCAND C146A: August Strindberg
Instructor: Ross Shideler

Seminar, three hours. August Strindberg’s portrayals of marital conflict reflected and shaped literary representation of so-called battle of sexes. His work, as well as its literary transformations, placed into Scandinavian, European, and feminist context. May be concurrently scheduled with course C246A. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND C180: Literature and Scandinavian Society
Instructor: Kimberly Ball

Seminar, three hours. Discussion of selected aspects of Scandinavian society based on readings of contemporary literature as well as historical and/or sociological material. May be repeated for credit (as determined by undergraduate adviser) with topic change. May be concurrently scheduled with course C280. P/NP or letter grading.