Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), UCLA has moved from in-classroom instruction to on-line platform teaching. Departmental staff will be working remotely until further notice.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this uncertain time!

About Us

THANK YOU FOR VISITING US. THE NEW WEBSITE FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF EUROPEAN LANGUAGES AND TRANSCULTURAL STUDIES IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL SOON BE LAUNCHED. Since its inception in 1972, the Scandinavian Section has been one of the premiere programs in the country for the study of Nordic languages and literatures on the undergraduate and graduate levels. Along with a sister department at UC Berkeley, the Scandinavian Section provides members of the University of California community, and the citizens of California, with up-to-date, scholarly information and instruction on topics concerning the Nordic countries with a particular emphasis on their cultures, their histories and their languages. The Scandinavian Section is fortunate to be housed in UCLA's landmark building, Royce Hall. The third floor suite includes faculty and teaching assistant offices, a small reading room, and a lounge. After the devastating Northridge earthquake in 1993, Royce Hall was restored to its former glory. The...

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Statement in support of Black Lives Matter

UCLA Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies June 9, 2020 Statement in support of Black Lives Matter, Black students, scholars, and instructors at UCLA, and other Black members of the UCLA community We, the Faculty in the Department of European Languages and Transcultural Studies, are writing to demand from...

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