M.A. Program

M.A. in Scandinavian

a. Competence in a Nordic language
b. BA in Scandinavian or a related discipline

Areas of Study
There are no specific major fields or subdisciplines in the M.A. program, but students emphasize one modern language and literature area in Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish.

Foreign Language Requirement
Students are required to demonstrate knowledge of three Scandinavian languages: fluency in one Scandinavian language (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) and reading knowledge of the other two Scandinavian languages. Fluency of a language may be established by: (1) passing a departmental examination or (2) successfully completing one graduate-level course in the original language. Reading knowledge of a language may be established by: (1) passing a departmental examination or (2) successfully completing one upper-division literature course in the original language.

Course Requirements
A total of 12 courses is required for the M.A. degree. These courses include a minimum of nine upper division and graduate courses in Scandinavian languages, at least five of which must be graduate courses. Three courses on the upper division or graduate level may be taken in a related field of linguistic or literary study to be determined in consultation with the graduate adviser; at least one of these must be at the graduate level. Comparative Literature 200 or an equivalent course in methodology is required as one of the 12 courses.

Three 596 courses (12 units) may be applied toward the total course requirement, but only one (four units) may be applied toward the minimum graduate course requirement.

For a complete listing of department courses visit the UCLA General Catalog.

Comprehensive Examination Plan
A comprehensive examination, based on the required coursework and a reading list, is required of all candidates for the M.A. degree. The examination is given whenever the student has completed the course requirements and feels prepared to be examined on both the coursework and the reading list. The comprehensive examination is both written and oral; students who fail may be reexamined once without petitioning.

Full-time students with no deficiencies upon admission to graduate status, completion of coursework and examinations for the M.A. degree in Scandinavian usually requires six quarters of standard course load.