Ph.D. Program

The PhD in Germanic Languages: Scandinavian

The Ph.D. in Scandinavian is offered as a major field in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures. All of the requirements for the Ph.D. in Germanic apply to this program, with the caveat that all major field work will be supervised by the faculty of the Scandinavian Section, and that Scandinavian Faculty will act as chairs of both the examination and dissertation committees.

Foreign Language Requirement
Students are required to demonstrate knowledge of three Scandinavian languages: fluency in one Scandinavian language (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) and reading knowledge of the other two Scandinavian languages. Fluency of a language may be established by: (1) passing a departmental examination or (2) successfully completing one graduate-level course in the original language. Reading knowledge of a language may be established by: (1) passing a departmental examination or (2) successfully completing one upper-division literature course in the original language.

Course Requirements
For a complete listing and description of department courses visit the UCLA General Catalog.

Students must have completed eight graduate courses (at least four in the department) beyond the M.A. degree.

Students may take Scandinavian 596 twice before the Ph.D. degree requirements are completed; however, only one 596 course may be counted toward the degree requirements. Students may enroll in up to 12 units of Scandinavian 597 but not before the quarter in which the course requirements are fulfilled. Scandinavian 597 may not be applied toward course requirements for the doctoral degree.

Ph.D. Examinations
Students in Scandinavian complete a three-hour examination in their major Scandinavian literature, and a second three-hour examination in the other two Scandinavian literatures. Students in Old Norse are examined for two hours in language, two hours in theoretical problems of interpretation, and two hours on issues concerning social and historical context.

Following successful completion of the written examinations, students in Old Norse and Scandinavian take a two-hour University Oral Qualifying Examination.

After passing the written and oral qualifying examinations, students enroll in Scandinavian 599 for all subsequent quarters of graduate study.