• Ph.D. student: UCLA European Languages and Transcultural Studies (2019–)
  • M.A. Scandinavian: UCLA Scandinavian Section (2019)
  • M.F.A. Screenwriting: UCLA Theater, Film and Television (2018)
  • B.A. Journalism: Oslo Metropolitan University (2000)
  • B.S. International Relations: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2000)


Research Interests: Nordic Literature & Film; Evolutionary Literary Theory, Modern Breakthrough; Fourth Industrial Revolution; Adaptations; Screenwriting



  • Bookending Enlightenment: From Early Novel’s Individualistic Empowerment to TV Adaptation’s Anthropocene Condemnation. Journal of European Studies (forthcoming).
  • Adaptation to Urban Pro-Sociality in Hamsun’s HungerEvolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture 4.2 (forthcoming).
  • Sealing New Truths: Film Adaptation as Cultural Capstone for 101 ReykjavíkJournal of Scandinavian Cinema (forthcoming).
  • Agreeing on History: Adaptation as Restorative Truth in Finnish Reconciliation. Literature/Film Quarterly (forthcoming).
  • Adapting Societal Change: Swedish Crime Fiction as a Medium for System Correction. Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance (forthcoming).
  • Belief System Disintegration: Evolutionary Insights from Bergman’s Det sjunde insegletWorld Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research 75.8 (2019; forthcoming).
  • Adapting a Witch to Modern Beliefs and Values: Persecuting the Outsider through Trial, Stage, and Film. Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture 3.2: 39–52 (2019; forthcoming).
  • Ofelas: Filming Otherness in Indigenous Revitalization. International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 14.2: 233–41 (2018).
  • Virtual Sidekick: Second-Person POV in Narrative VR. Journal of Screenwriting 9.1: 73–83 (2018).


Languages: English, Norwegian (fluent); Swedish, Danish (comprehension); German, French, Old Norse, Spanish (non-fluent).