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 Language classes:


Beginning: Scand 21, 22, 23
Intermediate: Scand 107A-B
Advanced: Scand 107C


Beginning: Scand 1, 2, 3
Intermediate: Scand 105A-B
Advanced: Scand 105C


Beginning: Scand 11, 12, 13
Intensive beginning: Scand 14, 15
Intermediate: Scand 106A-B
Advanced: Scand 106C


Beginning: Scand 28
Intermediate: Scand 29
Advanced: Scand 109

Lower division:

Scand 40, Scand 40W
Scand 50, Scand 50W
Scand 60, Scand 60W

Early Nordic Literatures and Cultures (130-139)

131: Introduction to the Viking age
132a: Elementary Old Icelandic Language
132b: Elementary Old Icelandic Language
132c: Advanced Old Icelandic Language
133a: The Family Saga
133c: Social Network Analysis and Icelandic Family Saga
134: Scandinavian Mythology
137: Old Norse Literature and Society
138: Vikings

Theory, Genres and Authors (140-149)

141a: Theory of the Scandinavian Novel
141b: Nordic poetry
141c: The Short Story in Scandinavia
142a: Introduction to Nordic Theater and Drama
143a: Detective Fiction
143c: Scandinavian Crime Literature
144a: Voices of Women in Nordic Literature
145a: Henrik Ibsen
145b: Knut Hamsun
146a: August Strindberg
147a: Hans Christian Andersen
147b: Søren Kierkegaard
148a: Halldor Laxness

Literary Periods (150-159)

152: Backgrounds of Scandinavian Literature
154: Romanticism
155: The Modern Breakthrough
156: Scandinavian Literature of the 20th century
157: Contemporary Nordic Literature

Cinema and Television (160-169)

161: Introduction to Nordic cinema
162: Early Nordic cinema
163a: Danish Cinema
163b: Swedish Cinema
163c: Norwegian Cinema
165a: Viking Films
166a: Ingmar Bergman
166b: Lars von Trier
166c: Carl Dreyer

Cultural Studies (170-179)

171: Introduction to Scandinavian Folklore
172a: Scandinavian Folktale
173a: Popular Culture in Scandinavia
173b: Sports Culture and History in Scandinavia
174a: Minority Cultures in Scandinavia
174b: Queer Scandinavia
175: Saami language and culture
177: In the Footsteps of H.C. Andersen: Nordic Cultural History from the Vikings to Modern Society (Experiential Learning)
179: Topics in Scandinavian Cultural Studies

Additional Courses (180-199)

C180: Literature and Society
187FL: Special Studies—readings in Scandinavian
197: Individual studies
199: Directed research