Current Courses

Spring 2018

SCAND 13: Elementary Norwegian

Instructor: Aino Rinhaug

Discussion, four hours. Enforced requisite: course 12. P/NP or letter grading. Online course.

SCAND 134: Scandinavian Mythology

Instructor: Kimberly Ball

Units: 4
Seminar, three hours. Overview of major gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, narratives and adventures that make up lore collectively referred to as Scandinavian, or Norse, myth. Reading and examination of this lore that is chiefly preserved in two collections traditionally called “Poetic (or Elder) Edda” and “Prose (or Younger) Edda.” P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 147A: Hans Christian Andersen

Instructor: Kimberly Ball

Units: 4
Lecture, two hours; discussion, one hour. Study of works of Hans Christian Andersen, Danish novelist, dramatist, and writer of tales, including consideration of his literary background and of his times. Analysis of his works in terms of their structure, style, and meaning. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 3: Elementary Swedish

Instructor: Johanna Karlsson

Units: 4
Discussion, four hours. Enforced requisite: course 2. P/NP or letter grading.

SCAND 60W: Introduction to North Cinema

Instructor: Patrick Wen

Lecture, two hours; discussion, two hours. Enforced requisite: English Composition 3 or English as a Second Language 36. Not open for credit to students with credit for course 60. Introduction to cinematic traditions of Nordic countries, with emphasis on construction of other or outsider as conceptual category. Survey of wide range of films to interrogate relationship between various forms of minority discourse and dominant values, institutions, and mechanisms and instruments of social control. Investigation of how these cinematic narratives of dominant normativity and diversity reflect cultural anxieties surrounding identity, ideology, collective memory, and power relationships. Screenings supplemented with relevant theoretical texts to give tools necessary to more effectively contextualize and analyze images. Satisfies Writing II requirement. Letter grading.